For Native American Flute Lessons in the Mesa Arizona Area:





In addition to my work in Classical Guitar, I am also a Performer and Teacher of the Native American flute.   


The sound of the Native American Flute is a very moving and relaxing experience.  Playing the Native American Flute holds even more of the same feelings and enjoyment for the player. This is especially true because learning and mastering the Native American Flute is much easier than learning a western chromatic wind instrument and takes far less time to master. Given the playable scale of the Native American Flute it is very difficult to hit a "wrong note" that results in a dissonant sound, as long as you are using good fingering and wind techniques.

  • Instruction in all aspects of Native Flute Performance.
  • Master Breath and Mouth Control for Crisp Articulation.
  • Develop Optimal Finger Dexterity.
  • Learn Trills, Ornamentations, Vibrato and other Special Effects traditionally used in Native American Flute performance.  
  • Become Skilled in playing Extended Improvisations while maintaining good Style and Rhythm.



Guido Morvillo Native American Flute Performance Samples: