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Professional Classical Guitarist Offering Lessons Specializing in and only teaching Classical and/or Flamenco Guitar.

Lessons given in my home studio off Signal Butte Rd & East Guadalupe Rd. East Valley Mesa, Arizona. 

I teach students from college age to retirees.


I Do Not Offer:

Skype Lessons

Free Trial or Introductory Lesson 

Short Term Lessons For Guitar Curriculum Audition, Competition Or One Time Performance. 


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Classical Guitar

Careful assessment is given to each student in order to develop a customized Classical Guitar Lesson Plan that will produce the greatest result.  The lessons are tailored to the goals, level and needs of each individual.  My teaching style is always presented to achieve a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for the student while maintaining a high level of guitar study.  

  • Detailed instruction in all Classical Guitar Techniques.
  • Perfecting Classical Guitar Articulation and Resonance.
  • Training in Developing Fine Motor Skills, Maximum Flexibility, Economy of Motion; resulting in Flowing and Seamless Classical Guitar Playing Ability.
  • Repertoire Interpretation and Expression.
  • Develop Fretboard Visualization and Sight-Reading competence.
  • Classical Guitar Theory.
  • Guidance in the Time Management of Student Practice.


Baroque  Guitar


If desired, in addition to learning Standard Contemporary Classical Guitar Methodologies, instruction can include:

  • Renaissance/Baroque; Right Hand Thumb-Under and Punteado ("plucked") styles.
  • 5 string ("courses") baroque guitar compositions .
  • Scordatura (Alternate tunings) including the Lute.
  • Reading Early Music Tablatures. 



Flamenco Guitar

My Flamenco Guitar Teaching Method, based on the level of the student, is Authentic and Effective.  Utilizing traditional Flamenco Guitar teaching process, students listen and observe demonstrated, repeated step-by-step  examples, watching every movement on the guitar.  Students then repeat those movements to produce the same technique and sound.  It is a gauged process that builds mastery of the Flamenco guitar.  I also provide transcriptions in Standard Notation and Tablature of established pieces and Falsetas from the great masters of Flamenco guitar for beginning to advanced level study, so students will have a hard copy of what was covered during the lesson. 

  • Instruction in Authentic Traditional Flamenco Guitar.
  • Learn all Flamenco Right Hand Techniques including: Rasgueado Pulgar Golpe Alzapua Picado Arpeggio Tremelo.
  • All Flamenco Left Hand Fingering Techniques.
  • Rigorous Training in all Flamenco Rhythms (Compas) and Flamenco Songs (Falsetas, Palos) 


For students who cannot decide what style to perfect long term, or a desire to play both Classical and Flamenco Guitar:

While many take lessons with me for a specific style, please know, some students who study with me are both Classical and Flamenco Guitar Students.  If you are interested in both or would like to try both in order to see what you prefer for longer term study, I will be glad to accommodate your interest in Classical and Flamenco in the same lesson.  A customized Classical/Flamenco lesson plan will be developed for you to meet your needs.


Fine Guitar playing is more than just playing the correct notes:

In addition to superior Classical and Flamenco Guitar Lessons, I am well versed in the rich history of: the music, guitar, composers and cultural influences of the music being taught.  I impart to the student interested in accurate period performance, well-rounded instruction for the proper interpretation, articulation and expression when performing on the Guitar.  The student going forward will have the understanding and skills of how various compositions should be performed in the proper style of the period: Early Lute and Baroque Guitar technique through Modern Classical Guitar technique.  


For students with busy schedules, limited time to practice  and just want to play for their own enjoyment: 

Learning Standard Notation for Classical Guitar can be overwhelming for some, especially students with demanding careers or in retirement with no musical background who are studying this type of Guitar as a leisure pursuit.  In an effort to make learning as uncomplicated as possible, I can teach using Tablature Notation, which is actually older than Standard Notation for fretted plucked string instruments and is a recognized methodology of professional level early music Guitarists and Lutenists.  Tablature Notation can be an effective alternative to the discipline of learning Standard Notation given some student's active schedules and life styles.   Using this method, more focus is placed on Playing, Technique, Tempo, Sound, etc. Thus allowing the busy student with limited time to practice, the ability to play more difficult pieces and a greater amount of music than would be otherwise possible struggling through Standard Notation.  This method is especially suited for students that want to play for their own enjoyment.  I can provide sheet music with Standard as well as Tablature Notation on the same page.

 Important:  All so-called "TAB" is not created equal; most are inferior, lacking time signatures, note values, phrasing, wrong position and fingerings or inaccurate transcriptions of the original composition.  However, the Tablature Notation I provide to the student is exact and of the highest Music Notation Standards. 


Cost Effective:

Given my specialized  expertise in classical guitar performance and extensive experience teaching Classical and Flamenco guitar, the rate for a full hour lesson is extremely reasonable.  My fee for a one hour lesson is less than many guitar teachers charge for just general popular music guitar lessons.

Additionally, I charge at reduced rates because no studio or office rental fees are passed on to you.    


Additional Lesson Details:

  •  I do not impose contracts. Unlike some music studios and teachers, I gain long term students by offering dependable comprehensive teaching at very reasonable rates.
  • I do not require advance payment for monthly lesson blocks or other time frames.  Payment is Due at the End of Every Lesson.
  • I do not charge for cancellations.  I am very understanding of other commitments and problems a student may have from time to time. I realize that due to a variety of reasons, students may not be available for a lesson.
  • No need to buy method books or music,  I provide all lesson literature and sheet music at no extra charge.


All you need is a Nylon String Classical or Flamenco Guitar and a desire to learn.